Welcome to Living Gentler

Hello, and welcome to our on-line home!

The bit about us bit….

We are an average family with a developed environmental conscious, there’s me, my partner the ethical holistic therapist, and our two daughters.

My partner is usually busy with her practice, the girls are at school, and me? Well I work full time, run my own on-line Vintage store, and look after this website.

This doesn’t leave us much time to be to be at the forefront of eco-change, or whatever the latest term is, but just because we aren’t labelled, and don’t go on protests doesn’t mean we don’t care about, and want to protect our planet and support British farming.

It means we are like a large chunk of the population getting by in lockdown Britain, and doing what we can to work with, rather than against the environment, and our bodies.

So what is living gentler all about?

In short living gentler is about finding easy, cost neutral, sustainable ways of reducing our impact on the environment, improving our diet and health.

We continually look at ways of using less plastic, shopping locally, reducing our carbon footprint, and looking for sustainable alternatives, oh and the biggest challenge is to do all of that on an increasingly squeezed household budget!

To find out more take a look at our ‘About’ page.

We welcome comment and suggestions that fit with our philosophy, and ideas for us to try. This site is non-political and is unsponsored, our views are our own. We will comment on environmental stories that matter to us or we think are interesting.

So please delve into our menu, hopefully you will find something you like. Follow us, contribute, and find us on social media as we can be found on Twitter and Facebook we often use #livinggentler so our posts can be found more easily.