We’re jamming!

Strawberry jamming to be precise… We went Strawberry picking as a family, age range 3 – 90 years old. 6kg of Strawberries later we needed to make some jam.

So being a lazy jam maker I found a nice simple recipe. 1kg of fruit to 750g of sugar and the juice of a lemon.

To make this jam sort and hull the Strawberries, cut larger ones into pieces. We then rinsed them and let them dry.

Put the Strawberries in a bowl and cover with the sugar / lemon juice, leave for at least 12 hours stirring occassionally to help the sugar disolve.

You will need to keep it covered as insects love it! The resulting strawberry syrup smells and tastes wonderful but dont eat it… This will be your jam!

Pour the strawberries and syrup into the saucepan / cooking pot and bring to the boil. Cook on a rolling boil until some of the moisture has boiled off and the mix goes from bright to dark red. Chill a saucer / small plate in the freezer and start spooning dribbles of the mix onto it to see if set point is reached (set point is reached when the jam on the plate wrinkles when pushed with a finger and the gap is not filled by runny jam.

Hard boil (medium high heat) until set point is reached.

Once set point is reached skim the foam off and place the pot to one side for 5 minutes or so. You can add a knob of butter to reduce the foaming. This cooling period stops the fruit rising to the top when its in the jar.

Spoon the jam into clean, sterile, warm jars. Put the lids on and label. You have made strawberry jam!

If the jam won’t set, we would suggest adding some pectin, or if you have a reusable tea bag put some lemon or orange pips in and boil it in with the jam.

We didn’t add butter, hence a small amount of foam in the jars. This is because a jar will be going to a vegan family member who helped with picking. We also didn’t use jam sugar (but you can), preferring granulated beet derived sugar from Silver Spoon.

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