Ethical pampering – Looking after you.

Mrs Living Gentler is a Holistic therapist who to reduce our family carbon footprint now works from home with a successful practice. It is good having her around and her day can work well around our childcare requirements. It also means all at living gentler towers get pampered.


For the wider living gentler family it is great to be able to pop into her therapy rooms for a quick hot stone therapy session, some aroma therapy, or a massage.

Over time she has researched the market for massage oils, and products that help the skin, that can be used for relaxation, or treatments, and that are organic, as far as possible avoid plastic packaging, and are from companies that we can be ethically in tune with…

To this end she mainly uses Neal’s Yard Remedies in her practice, she also sells the products from her therapy rooms and on line as an independent consultant, her click through link is here where you can view and buy the full Neal’s Yard range

Even if she was not an affiliate, the Living Gentler family would still use Neal’s Yard products because we believe in what they as an organisation are trying to do.

Their products are high quality, predominantly UK sourced, grown organically, and approved by both the Vegan Society, and the Soil Association. Packaging is recyclable, and refills are available for some products (readers of our pages will know we love refillables), which helps reduce waste and surplus packaging.

In these difficult times where stress levels are increasing we find using their lavender essential oil is a great relaxer, a few drops on the little folks pillows helps them sleep and wake refreshed. A few drops in the bath helps us relax and ease away the stresses of the day. A few drops of tea tree added to their lavender hair shampoo helps keep bugs at bay as well as maintaining hair condition.

Neals yard products

We do however recognise that we are using premium products, and our ethic is to be as cost neutral as possible. Therefore we only use the products sparingly and as a treat or on special occasions, after all we all deserve to pamper ourselves occasionally don’t we?

What else we use on our bodies

On a more regular basis we use various body products, we have managed to source Imperial Leather soap bars in a range of funky fragrancies and colours.

These bars are not plastic wrapped instead coming in cardboard boxes, they smell good, and lather up well. As a replacement for liquid soaps they work fine and help cut our plastic consumption. But, they do however contain some palm products which in general we try to avoid. Pricewise they are the cheapest of the bar soaps we have tried being stocked in some Home Bargains stores for just £1.

On the subject of going palm free (another living gentler aim) I found Mrs Living Gentler a Lavender and Liquourice soap from Authentic Skincare at £5 its not the cheapest soap on the market but it smells wonderful and gives a good foam even in our hard water. Their range can be found on the selling site Etsy and there is more info about this UK made product on their Facebook page.

The good news is that the packaging is compostable and biodegradable. Which is a big tick for us!

We were excited to find Friendly Soaps last year, these are all Palm and plastic free, they sell out at around £2.50 to £3.50 per bar, but are solid and last well. We are currently trialling their travel pack of soaps.

We have already tried and loved their other selection box with Lemongrass, Patchouli, Lavender and Orange varieties the friendly soap range is now a permanent feature.

At an even more basic level we find conventional virgin olive and coconut oils make great moisturisers, especially after a shower or a bath where they help retain moisture in the skin. This makes for quick, cost effective pampering which in these difficult times lets us all show ourselves a little bit of love.

Other ways to relax and pamper

Sit and reflect, days at the moment can be lonely and stressful. Just taking a few minutes to sit and reflect (counting blessings perhaps) that all is not lost, Some candles, a warm bath, and a hot chocolate can do wonders, all quiet and calm, no interruptions… And breathe!


Get outdoors

Exercise is good, but sometimes just sitting, listening to birdsong, or looking up at the stars provides a little lift.

Stars in the sky

And if you can do that sat around a firepit even better! Look at the sky, and watch the flames while they keep you warm…. With luck one day soon we will be able to do this with our family and friends…. Wonderful!

Couple round firepit

Living Gentler is not sponsored by any organisation, we are not paid for content or recommendations, we pay up front for products we trial, our opinions are always our own.