Plastic free toilet roll, kind to your bum and the environment.

We have now tried multiple varieties of loo roll that are plastic wrap free, they come in different price and quality bands and all have their place. Some are available in store and others are on line only. In store varieties include; Nicky Elite 4 & 9 packs in Home Bargains. Andrex 4 packs in… Read More Plastic free toilet roll, kind to your bum and the environment.

Marmalade day

It was supposed to be the other day but it never happened, so restricted to barracks due to hazardous driving conditions today was Marmalade Monday. 3 Seville Oranges, 1 litre of water and 1kg of sugar. Makes three and a half jars of bitter sweet seville marmalade! Breakfast will be home made bread toasted with… Read More Marmalade day

So how was Living Gentler in 2020?

What went well Breadmaking – We honed our breadmaking skills, and found independent artisan sources of quality flour. Jam making – We raided the hedgerows this year, and successfully made jams from Blackberries, Sloes, and roadside apples. We made Hawthorn syrup, and with donated chilli some chilli sauce! Sustainable shopping – As covid crept among… Read More So how was Living Gentler in 2020?

Whats important right now!

Sometimes the things right in front of you are the most important thing in the world…. Pan fried British smoked treacle cured bacon from M&M Rutland, with Parlick fell cheese from Revetts the butchers, on malted granary from the cake shop bakery buttered with suffolk farmhouse cheese butter… Local on a plate and tasty to!

321 Bread

Thank you to those that followed yesterdays breadmaking thread on Twitter. Incase anyone missed any steps, the photos are below. The ingredients used were; 3 cups strong white bread flour 2 cups strong wholemeal breadflour 1 cup light rye flour 1/2 cup mixed seeds 1 teaspoon seasalt 2 teaspoons Suffolk honey Approximately 1 1/2 mugs… Read More 321 Bread


I like jam, the little living gentlers like it as well. I also like making jam, not that I am great at it, its either runny or solid. But I enjoy making it. So today was Blackberry jam day! Having promised for a week and with work having to come first, I finally took the… Read More Jam!