321 Bread

Thank you to those that followed yesterdays breadmaking thread on Twitter. Incase anyone missed any steps, the photos are below. The ingredients used were; 3 cups strong white bread flour 2 cups strong wholemeal breadflour 1 cup light rye flour 1/2 cup mixed seeds 1 teaspoon seasalt 2 teaspoons Suffolk honey Approximately 1 1/2 mugs… Read More 321 Bread


I like jam, the little living gentlers like it as well. I also like making jam, not that I am great at it, its either runny or solid. But I enjoy making it. So today was Blackberry jam day! Having promised for a week and with work having to come first, I finally took the… Read More Jam!

Local shopping

With it being pay weekend, and the #livinggentler fridges and cupboards growing empty, we went shopping. We have a brilliant butchers in our village so our expedition started there.. Pork, bbq burgers and sausages… And vitally important from their deli/bakers some bread flour. Many thanks EW Revett and son (www.revett.co.uk). On our route out to… Read More Local shopping

‘Pasture for Life’ meat and dairy film

Anything that champions environmental and animal friendly ways of farming needs looking at. This film shows us there is an alternative to agri grown meat produced by the huge meat suppliers… And there is no surprise that pasture for life meats are more beneficial to us than meat from pellet fed indoor mass reared livestock.