With a push and a shove its almost there!

We didn’t want a new kitchen we needed one!

When we moved into Living Gentler towers we knew we would need a new kitchen, the units were bruised and battered, waterleaks had taken their toll and the doors were peeling slightly due to a lack of extraction.

Looks can be deceiving!

So we ummed and arred and in typical fashion did not a lot in three years. Then came an opportunity, the in laws were getting a new kitchen! So we ‘raided’ their old one for cupboards, drawers, units and anything else that could be useful.

We have lived surrounded by old units, doors and decorating gear. But finally our recycled kitchen is taking shape. The last wall unit went in the other day, and the corner unit hinges arrived and were fitted. I have one last unit to modify, which involes making a 300 wide draw unit a 200 wide draw unit!

Mrs Living Gentler has painted and ‘re-knobbed the doors and we think it looks smart.

Repainted and reconfigured but now its in!

We had to put a new floor down, and a new worktop is on order but we have minimalised new products as far as possible.

What of our old kitchen? Unfortunately most of the units self destructed during removal, we scavenged the handles which are on ebay and reused some of the better condition panels. We didn’t know what to do with the resulting pile of chipboard, but we have a local charity that supports and rehomes the homeless… They came and took the lot (for a reasonable fee) they will reuse the hinges, good panels and doors. Then they will sell the residue by weight for chipping and turning into wood pellets for burning. They will also take the old worktop, sink, and tap when they are changed. The money this raises supports the Beehive community project for girls in Africa.

So we get a new (to us) kitchen, none of our old kitchen ends up in landfill, and we help support local and not so local community initiatives… I would say thats living gentler!

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