Where we shop in East Anglia.

Ok we have thought long and hard about this, we are very pro (some would say fanatical about) local shopping, using suppliers that produce goods then sell them, that source locally, or even small independents that have a local presence. We will also include producers of sustainable environmentally friendly products that we have tried and that can be found online.

Shop locally

We frequently post about them and how good they are, and we believe they deserve our support especially in these difficult times. We they should get all the support they can so we are letting you dear reader into the secrets of where we shop.

There will be places we haven’t mentioned it isn’t because they are no good, its because we haven’t found them yet!

We welcome suggestions, and will put them on another ‘directory’ page, until we try them out.

This is not a suppliers directory as can be found elsewhere online, you cannot pay to get on this list.

This is as ever our opinion of places and products we have tried. If we find a problem we will say so after we have discussed it with the people concerned, as we feel if something goes wrong they should have a chance to put things right.

For our purposes East Anglia encompasses, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk. We also dip into Hertfordshire and London occassionally so have specifically included businesses we use tgat way to.

We do not group by county, just by business type. We would encourage you to try as many of these businesses as possible as it puts money in people rather than corporations pockets.

We will post regular updates as we use more businesses.





Farm shops



There are many brewers in East Anglia, we are not including the large commercial breweries or pub co’s in these listings.

St. Peters Brewery, St. Peter South Elmham, Bungay, Suffolk. A range of flavoursome beers including alcohol free brewed in the Suffolk countryside. Beers are available in major supermarkets, but best bought direct from the brewer. The brewery shop is currently closed but online orders are welcome. Website www.stpetersbrewery.co.uk

Butchers – see also farm shops

Butchers counter

E W Revett and Son Wickham Market, Suffolk. Primarily a very good local butchers, Revetts always compete successfully in the Framlingham sausage festival. The store has three elements, butchery, bakers, and purveyors of wines of France. Friendly staff reasonable prices and good quality.

Their website is www.revett.co.uk to find out more.

K W Clarke Bramfield, Suffolk. Also acting as the village store this butchers is located adjacent to the wholesale Bramfield Meats business. There is always a good range of fresh and frozen meats. Game and poultry including venison and wild boar.

Their website is www.kwclarke.co.uk/ for more info.

Meat Market Brandon, Suffolk. A market towns butchers on the high street, limited parking is available. Good quality meats at reasonable prices. No website but can be found on facebook.

Yallops butchers and post office Mundford, Suffolk. A butchers, post office and village store, very high quality meat at a price to match, especially good for steaks and beef. No website but can be found on facebook.


Milk bottles

We only buy farm fresh milk both Raw and Pasteurised, where possible we use our glass refillable bottles, but some farms do not yet bottle in glass or vend from a machine, we would still recommend their products as environmentally they are still low carbon footprint, and produced by farmers that really care about both livestock and the product quality. We also buy cream, butter and cheese from farm suppliers where possible.

Amwell Place Farm, Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire. Barry, Jenny, and Claire, along with their Bluegrass and Bluerock Jersey herd supply delicious or should we say Dawlicious raw Jersey milk, and Dawlicious Jersey milk ice cream direct from the farm. Milk is via a vending machine allowing use of our glass refillable bottles which we love! Or plastic containers are available if you need them. Free range eggs are also regularly available. Bulk orders can be made in advance and collected from the farm.

Ice cream truck

The farm is fairly handy for the A10 on the outskirts of Hertford, so we generally incorporate a visit on our way into or out of London. More information is available on the Dawlicious website or on their Twitter or Facebook pages.

Bradfields farm, North Benfleet, Essex. Suppliers of farm fresh pasteurised milk direct from the farm via their vending machine. They also sell cream, cheese and yogurt made from their milk. Bradfields supplies a range of outlets from farm shops, coffee bars and a pub. They can also be found at selected farmers markets. Details can be found on their website www.bradfieldsfarm.co.uk

Calf at foot dairy, Home Farm, Somerleyton, Suffolk. Fiona and her ‘Dairy Angels’ passionately believe in farming with compassion, and run their microdairy with animal welfare as a defining factor. Calf at foot offers national next day delivery, as well as farm gate sales (currently unavailable during the Covid-19 outbreak). Not only does Calf at foot offer their 100% pasture fed Jersey milk, they also offer their ethicalky farmed Jersey, Gold Top beef. Please see their website for more information at www.the-calf-at-foot-dairy.co.uk/ or find them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CalfAtFootDairy and facebook www.facebook.com/CalfAtFootDairy/

Colletts farm Kitchen, Wormingford, Essex. Suppliers of raw Jersey milk from a small sustainably farmed heard of Jersey cows. Milk is available prebottled in plastic containers and forms a delicious creamy top when stood in the fridge! Colletts farm also have a small farm shop selling pies, pastries and meats, all sourced from their farm. More details can be found on their website or social media. www.collettsfarm.co.uk on Twitter or Facebook

Coston hall dairy, Coston, Norfolk. Fresh raw milk from the Friesan / Friesan Jersey cross heard. The milk always forms a nice cream ‘cap’ ideal for pouring over breakfast cereals. The team also have free range local eggs, local bread and frequently potatoes for sale in their milk barn. Their website can be found at www.costonhalldairy.co.uk and on the socials at @costonhalldairy & facebook