Food and Drink

Food and drink is the stuff of life itself, we are no diet experts but we feel our food should be as pure and unmolested as possible. Why not take a look through our food and drink pages, we have a variety of subjects and some recipes too!

WARNING Orthorexia is real condition, a proper balanced diet is essential for a healthy life. We are not nutritionists we are not giving diet advice here. We do not subscribe to, or recommend any clean or pure eating program.

The food pages are about what we do to eat a less processed diet, and how, in our case this fits with our environmental aims, and ethical ideals.

Follow our ideas if you want to, but they are just that, our ideas. As such they are not based on any scientific study.

At the end of the day if you really want a burger and fries go and have it, savour it, enjoy it, then do what you do to stay healthy again. Its only one burger don’t beat yourself up about it. Lets face it one burger probably won’t kill you!