More milk

Found the lovely Colletts farm today in the Essex countryside. They do lovely raw Jersey milk. They are currently a low volume producer just starting out. Sophie has lots of experience around Jerseys, it seems they run in her blood. It was nice to chat and hear how passionate she is about animal welfare and… Read More More milk


Our next way of removing yet more plastic from our lives. We are replacing all plastic bottled squashes with glass bottled cordials. Yes they contain sugar so extra tooth brushing required.. But no chemical sweetners and no plastic!

Food run

Had a little cater round rural Suffolk yesterday Raw milk from Fen Farm, and meats from Clarkes or Bramfield so dinners for the week covered with minimal food miles, and farmers getting the proper value for their produce… The bonus to us was a lovely afternoon out and only spending around what we would normally… Read More Food run


This is definitely NOT a foodie blog, as much as I like food and cooking, so you won’t find my favourite recipes here. But I feel there must be a word about soup, wholesome, filling nourishing homemade soup, soup that doesn’t come in a tin or carton, soup that reduces waste, and helps living cleaner… Read More Soup!

Raw milk

We just love raw milk, ethically its pretty good, environmentally we are talking food metres rather than food miles, value wise its pretty cost neutral, we use refillable glass bottles so no waste plastic milk cartons into the recycling, its good for you (naturally probiotic), full of protein and omega3, importantly its not been messed… Read More Raw milk


TEA – There’s nothing like a cup of tea…. So you would think there is nothing more natural than a cup of tea wouldn’t you? Leaves simply picked, dried and packaged. Well that is until you learn that the majority of tea bags sold in the UK contain plastic. Yes those little bags of flavour… Read More Tea