New product trial glue and plastic free toilet paper.

We have written about plastic free toilet roll before and after disappointingly short supermarket trials of paper wrapped toilet roll Aldi and Cushelle have stopped supplies.

We then found a reasonable value for money replacement in the Nicky brand ordered on line. In our drive to be plastic free in as cost neutral a way as possible we continued looking for alternatives recently we found one.

Today our box of 18 Tanki rolls arrived (free delivery) so we are going to trial them and post here our impressions.

Tanki are different to standard toilet rolls in that there is no glue in them. This means they do not release glue into the environment.

With Tanki we think we have found a truly plastic free product…. Why? Well read on.

  • Conventional toilet roll is bonded with glue.
  • There are approximately 2.7grams of glue in every roll of toilet tissue.
  • Glue contains nanoplastics.
  • These cannot be broken down during the sewage cleaning process and are therefore flushed into the seas / environment no matter the system.

Being glue free apparently they prevent sewerage blockages, the product has won an innovation award from Maritime UK.

  • It is estimated that more than 18,000 tons of glue from toilet tissue is flushed away in the UK every year

The product is also fsc certified, and UK made so doesn’t have the increased carbon footprint of those products imported from China.

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