Plastic free toilet roll, kind to your bum and the environment.

We have now tried multiple varieties of loo roll that are plastic wrap free, they come in different price and quality bands and all have their place. Some are available in store and others are on line only.

In store varieties include;

  • Nicky Elite 4 & 9 packs in Home Bargains.
  • Andrex 4 packs in B&M and Asda
  • Sainsburys supersoft in 9 packs.
  • Aldi eco range limited availability when on offer.

Why we want plastic free…. To reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic wrap going into the waste stream we need to look at ways of reducing the use of unnecessay plastics, and where we can avoid purchasing products that are unnecessarily plastic wrapped. Toilet roll is a good example of this.

In our view plastic substitution for other kinds of plastic really aren’t the answer, we need to stop wrapping in plastic and use paper instead, we need major manufacturers and retailers to get on board with this..

We have written previously about this and after disappointingly short supermarket trials of paper wrapped toilet roll Cushelle have stopped supplies prefering a recycled and plant plastic wrap (guys its still plastic!) for their double length rolls, with everything else still in normal plastic.

Facts about conventional toilet roll

  • Conventional toilet roll is bonded with glue.
  • There are approximately 2.7grams of glue in every roll of toilet tissue.
  • Glue contains nanoplastics.
  • These cannot be broken down during the sewage cleaning process and are therefore flushed into the seas / environment no matter the system.
  • It is estimated that more than 18,000 tons of glue from toilet tissue is flushed away in the UK every year
  • Some glue free tissues are available on line ‘Tanki’ being the brand that make it a selling point.

Tanki are different to standard toilet rolls in that there is no glue in them. This means they do not release glue into the environment.

They are specifically designed for tanked waste systems including ships, but can be used in normal and macerator waste stems without issue.

Being glue free apparently Tanki tissue is said to prevent sewerage blockages, the product has also won an innovation award from Maritime UK.

Their construction means they are very absorbent and then very fragile when damp (not best for a damp bathroom).

The product is also fsc certified, and UK made so doesn’t have the increased carbon footprint of those products imported from China.

We have also trialled plant based toilet rolls, they are definitely a premium product and are priced accordingly. Seemingly all are shipped across the world

We believe bambo is the base material for most of the plant based rools and some manufactuers are very coy about the origin of their base materials. We have to assume the product is made in China or elsewhere and shipped across the globe before being imported as few of the ‘eco’ brands are UK produced….

Returning to mainstream products Andrex also seem to be dipping their toe as they now have paper wrapped 4 packs available in B&M, and Asda.

Hopefully this will extend across their range soon.

As ever the Living Gentler family tries to be as environmentally aware as possible putting as much as we can in place on our limited household budget. This is getting increasingly difficult as household costs rise. We are therefore disappointed that many of the big ‘eco’ brands seem to be so focussed on profit, to just buy these brands for household use would nearly double our budget, there has to be a compromise somewhere, we all need to be greener but it needs to be AFFORDABLE having green credentials shouldn’t mean something costs twice what a mainstream product does!

If our readers want to explore the on-line brands the following are some of those commonly available, but we would recommend checking prices as they do vary.

Naked Sprout (South Asian) bamboo based and shipped to the UK

Serious Tissues (UK produced) Carbon neutral wood based product.

Oceans (UK produced) SEDEX certified environmentally friendly woodbased product.

Bumboo (Chinese) bamboo pulp based prodct shipped globally.

Ecoleaf (UK produced) recycled paper product. Reviewed as having the smallest carbon footprint of similar products.

Who gives a crap Bamboo and recycled paper products available. Some would say overly packaged as each roll is paper wrapped before it is boxed. A good premium set of products but definitely at a premium price.

Other brands are available, we welcome reviews of other brands from people that have bought and tried them (No supplier or manufactuer reviews please).

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