Plastic free loo rolls

Update 16-12-20

So we were looking for a sustainable, cost neutral supply to toilet roll. We ordered some ‘Nicky’ rolls from a wholesaler. The toilet rolls arrived as promised five paper wrapped packs of nine rolls in a cardboard box. They are soft strong and fairly long, and fraganced so no tinned airfreshner needed on the loo!

So far so good, for under 60p a roll we are impressed with this british made product.

Original post

Yes we know the plastic wrap around loo rolls can be easily recycled at supermarket carrier bag recycling points but we would rather not bring the plastic home in the first place.

So we looked around, Cushelle briefly flirted with paper packaging, Aldi did an eco toilet roll in paper until the Christmas goods took over. But we were looking for a day to day solution and as ever with Living Gentler it had to be on a budget.

We then considered the well known eco brands such as ‘who gives a crap’ along with ‘naked sprout’ and others. All are good and worthy products but for us these produts have issues. The issues for us being price, environmental credentials of the supply chain, and location of source product. Did you know the source product for most Bamboo toilet rolls is shipped from China? All that distance all that time at sea burning fuel and what about workers rights in China?

So eventually we found Nicky Elite Toilet roll we believe it is something that meets our needs and ethics.

Made in the UK from 100% cellulose sourced from managed forests in the UK and Europe, each pack sold generated a donation to the Woodland trust for reforestation within the UK, 100% plastic free and costing under 60p a roll on minimal order volume!

So we bought the minimum order via a wholesaler because unfortunately big retail doesn’t stock or support this brand prefering plastic wrapped big or own brand product.

We will let you know how we get on!

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