I like jam, the little living gentlers like it as well. I also like making jam, not that I am great at it, its either runny or solid. But I enjoy making it.

So today was Blackberry jam day!

Pots of jam

Having promised for a week and with work having to come first, I finally took the little living gentlers for a stroll to pick some Blackberries…

First up was a briefing, avoid the nettles, don’t pick anything at dog leg height, don’t fall into brambles or Mrs Livinggentler will be cross etc!

So we wandered and we brambled…

Picking blackberries

We ended up with a few pound of berries, over 2lb in tubs and about the same again in bellies!

So what to do with them? Jam of course!

Berries boiling

So berries, lemon juice, and sugar were combined over the course of the afternoon…. And hey presto 3 and a bit jars of finest slightly sharp blackberry jam….

Pots of jam

Just hoping it sets!

If anyone wants the recipe, hit contact on the website and just ask. Always happy to help… Now just need to make some bread for the morning!

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