Paper packaging

There is much said about unnecessary plastic packaging, and indeed here at #livinggentler we are vocal about it ourselves.

In particular we have a real issue with the plastic wrap around toilet paper and kitchen towels, its single use, has very limited recycling opportunities and generally just ends up in the waste bin.

We already cut down the amount of kitchen towel by using washable cloths for cleaning and spills wherever possible. But now we have also found a product wrapped in paper… Just like they used to be!

Regina Blitz, the makers don’t call it kitchen towel they call it household towel, and it is so named with good reason.

This stuff is strong, it is properly rinse-able under the tap and a single sheet of this oversized towel will clean a hob and worktops, its also great for muddy boots, and general spills.

But for us most importantly this supersized roll comes wrapped in paper. Or as the manufactuers call it recycled ‘kraft’ paper. You have to shop around but single jumbo rolls, two and three packs can all now be found paper wrapped which is great news.

We also like that we don’t have to send off for it in on line shopping, we can pop into the local supermarket and just grab it from the shelf.

This brings us to the other product needlessly wrapped in plastic, toilet roll!

Unfortunately after a brief spell in paper Cushelle double rolls are again wrapped in plastic. The claim is that its recyclable, but heres the rub, you have to put it in supermarket carrier bag recycling points… Something that is getting few and far between. So effectively the majority of people will bin it and it will end up in landfill…. Cushelle, we had such high hopes!

This means there is again no mainstream regular priced brand that cares enough for the environment to paper wrap!

In other disappointing moves Aldi have also discontinued their eco action paper wrapped toilet paper, and plastic free dishwasher tablets.

We had hoped Aldi were going to show the other supermarkets that way but we now remain disappointed.

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