Friendly Soap product trial

So we may have found one of our much sought after products.

Long lasting, nice smelling palm free soap that has no plastic wrapping…

So we took delivery of soap from the friendly soap company…. More to follow!

So we are now coming to the end of our second multipack.

We are going to try the travel pack next, I need shaving soap, and the travel bar can be tried out on the little livinggentlers hair… Updates on that soon.

We find these soap bars last about 10 days not bad with a family of five using them. At the moment our family ranges from 9 years to 89, all of us are using the soaps with no irriation, cracking, or dryness.

We find some bars are more fragrant than others but all do the job they are designed for. Mum likes the lavender, I like Patchouli, and Mrs. Livinggentler loves the lemongrass…

The travel pack has arrived, very excited to be trying these soaps over the coming weeks.

So travel pack open, the tea tree and turmeric is fab! Smells good and lathers up really well in our uber hard water….

More to tell as we use the others… We will update when there is more to share!

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