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A quick visit to a new (to us) farm shop… First impressions of Alder Carr Farm are very favourable especially as they have a massive range of flours from local and regional suppliers.

A shelf or many flours

Some in small bags some in sacks.

The majority of the products are local, thete is a cheese counter and a butchery as well as the now seemingly compulsory freezers or ready meals, which we see at many of the farm superstores.

Alder Carr farm shop falls into this category, still family run but a huge range of products not from that actual farm.

Alongside butchery and fromagery, is a small garden centre, and a number of refill products from ecoleaf and others (we will be using this facility!).

The website highlights Alder Carr’s environmental credentials and they do stand out from some retailers for this.

The craft centre and coffee shop were closed due to Covid-19 and we will update on these when the #Livinggentler family have had a chance to try them.

We will be using this, and the nearby Suffolk Farmhouse cheese store on a regular basis going forwards and will review in more detail in the future.

The website is

Twitter @aldercarrfarm

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