Local shopping


With it being pay weekend, and the #livinggentler fridges and cupboards growing empty, we went shopping.

We have a brilliant butchers in our village so our expedition started there.. Pork, bbq burgers and sausages… And vitally important from their deli/bakers some bread flour. Many thanks EW Revett and son (www.revett.co.uk).


On our route out to the dairy, we stopped off at Prutton’s potatoes farmshop(https://www.facebook.com/pruttonspotatoes/). As always a friendly welcome from the owners and one of their dogs. Very nice quality produce, and very reasonable prices, including some bargain potatoes.


Moving on up the A12 we hit Yoxford, on the way through to Darsham we diverted to the Emmerdale farm shop. Quite a big affair here, general grocery, gifts, green grocer and a large butchery (.www.facebook.com/Emmerdale-Farm-Shop-392594374619918/). We feel prices are on the high side but quality is very good, usually snacks and drinks are available, but due to Covid19 the tea rooms are closed.

From there our adventure continued off the A12 towards Bungay, and our friends at Fen Farm for our weeks worth of raw milk direct from the farm….. @fenfarmdairy

The living gentler family enjoyed the run out after being restricted to staying indoors other than our exercise ration!

We also visited Melton Produce on the way to Woodbridge. Nice chat with the owner, and really nice groceries available (the only place we have been able to find pudding rice locally!) Melton-Produce facebook page

All in all a good day, new contacts made, much quality produce, and supermarket free…. Thats living gentler!


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