What I have learned in lockdown.

Now after over a month of lockdown, I realise I have learned some things about myself and where we in the http://www.livinggentler.co.uk family live.

I have learned I really enjoy working from home, its challenging sometimes but I can almost do as much as if I were doing paperwork in the office. I like having my partner and girls around me, even my aged mum who is going stir crazy and at times driving us batty… Bless her!

I have learned I hate supermarkets, I have never really been a fan, but now when I hear how they are failing to support british farming, my dislike has grown… Why do we need polish meat in the UK when we have farmers going to the wall? Corporate greed is the only answer I can think of.

I have learned to improve my breadmaking skills, whether using wholemeal, white, Italian 00 or a mix of all….

And local shopping, we continue to find great local retailers and suppliers where customer service is amazing, quality is exceptional, and prices reasonable.

I would highly recommend seeking out these independent retailers and support them, they are often queue free, willing to source what you may need but they don’t have, and many even deliver! If we don’t support them they will be gone and lost forever.

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