Organuary 2020

Well now here a thing….

Due to our love of liver, kidney, and haggis we already consume a reasonable amount of organ meat in our diets, but we can always do more.

This campaign is designed to encourage people to consume nutrient dense organ meat, and reduce wastage from the meat industry in the process.

This from our point of view can only be a good thing.

The other thing to remember is that organ meat is also cheap to buy and comparatively quick to cook.

So nutritious, easy to cook, and cheap, I think we can get behind that and still maintain our living gentler ethics.

We do appreciate there are many out there that will not support the eating of animal products for a variety of reasons. We respect that but that is not our view. We believe locally produced low impact UK farmed meat is healthy, and minimally environmentally damaging. We do not feel the same about the highly processed, mass marketed fake meat and vegan food products that are currently in fashion. We respect your views please respect ours…. Thank you.

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