Counting blessings

At the end of September I had a cardiac event. Sitting reading with number two daughter I got a sharp pain which wouldn’t go away… Hours later it was still there so I made the phone call I never wanted to have to make. 90 minutes later having travelled over 50 miles the ambulance arrived and I was hospital bound, leaving Mrs Living Gentler to deal with kids and questions in the morning. 48 hours later I am discharged, and thanks to our amazing NHS I have a chemical stent and a diagnosis of unstable angina. BUT all is not well…. I am told after a recovery period I am to gently exercise and when I do I get pain and when I get stressed I get pain… Potentially there is more work to do, I will find out in the next few weeks. Until then I remain signed off from work, all the little DIY jobs are done, and I am working on my fitness and stamina.

I am enjoying the benefits of being a stay at home dad, childrens school activities, dance performances and quality time with my girls… But I get tired, I fall asleep writing emails on the sofa, concentration levels are low.

But I walk, and I walk everywhere locally, the car is hardly used giving a great environmental boost, and slowly I am getting there… I am now over 21lbs lighter than I was, and slowly I can exert myself more without pain.

I am so lucky to live in the Suffolk countryside. My daily task of finding new routes around the village is becoming a pleasant challenge and the scenery is changing as we creep into winter.

We are close enough to the coast to pop there after school and I get to walk with the kids, its a great plus to be more involved.

Number one child, my environmentalist in the making loves to do the two minute beach clean at Aldeburgh which is another Living Gentler plus to come out of this.

Eventually I will be well and will return to work, that will be bittersweet as I will miss the school run, and walking time will be limited to stumbling in the dark winter nights, but I will return with a renewed sense of what is important.

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