Notes on sustainability

Sustainability is a key feature in our living gentler philosophy and small wins count for a lot when living on a budget…. So we were recently giving sustainability some careful thought.

‘Energy star’ has researched the lifespan of common household appliances, and on average the humble electric toaster ends up in recycling after 5 years. Electric kettles fare worse as they can go the same way after just 6 months.

After Mrs Livinggentler declared our electric kettle had died the second in two years we decided to go retro!

So we bought a good old fashioned hob kettle that is heated by our low energy hob. Its robust and should last a good number of years and while it cost the sames as three cheap kettles it will take numerous kettles out of the production / waste cycle.

As for our toaster… Well it is a Dualit so should last. It was an ebay bargain buy for £55 in need of repair. The whole thing can be dismantled with a screwdriver and pliers.

It needed two elements at the time and has burned through two more so overall has cost us about £100 we estimate this toaster to be 17 years old and still going strong…… Thats what we call sustainable!

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