Day at the beach.

Nice day at the beach today, chilling, swimming with the family.

The beach was surprisingly clean considering the number of people using it. We kept our rubbish and put it in our recycling when we got home. Along with a ketchup sachet, the end of a yogurt squeezable tube and some unidentified small pices of plastic, all of which had washed in on the tide.

As you can see we mainly had some paper waste having taken reusable water bottles and coffee cups.

Unfortunately some people just don’t get it, a group of women were insistent at throwing a cola bottle into the incoming tide as a “message in a bottle” as the pregnant one told me loudly when handed the bottle to recycle (where do they expect it to go other than the waterline when the tide is coming in???) The message from your bottle was loud and clear ladies, you don’t give a toss about the environment you are leaving for your unborn child, and your other kids… Fortunately after they left one of the beach hut owners picked it up and binned it.

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