Our daily bread!

One of the things we can do to contribute to our livinggentler strategy is to assess the impact of our actions.

So looking at a simple loaf of bread, we ask questions about it and find we generally get these kind of answers for the average supermarket loaf;

How far have we travelled to buy it? A couple of miles to the store, how far has the loaf travelled? The loaf will generally have travelled a hundred or so miles from supplier to warehouse, then warehouse to store (The COOP is an exception to this as it majors on local suppliers). Does the bread contain palm oil? Mostly supermarket bread does contain palm oil, is the loaf wrapped in plastic? Supermarket bread is almost always wrapped in plastic!

So what do we do at Livinggentler? We shop locally cutting down food miles, we pick bread up when we are passing a known good supplier, we shop where bread is paper wrapped, we check ingredients and reject palm oil containing products…. Oh and sometimes we make our own.

For our 50/50 white / wholemeal loaf recipe click through to our Bread Page most of the bread we make is vegetarian or vegan friendly, and uses only a minimum of ingredients.

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