The great Britsh Summer

I don’t often have my blood boil but the pictures emerging of pollution on beaches over the last few days had done it!

So where are these beaches and why isn’t something being done about it?

Well my friends these are british beaches and this is the mess left by the great british public around the UK! So where did all that concern about the wildlife go? The british public wete that outraged by what they saw on blue planet they did precisely nothing! They still took their plastic bags, bottle, straws and a host of other stuff to the beach and left it there!

So what could be done? Well personally I think charging for beach use is the way forward.. Every person setting foot on the beach gets charged five pounds, and is given a reuseable waste bag…. When they hand the bag back with their rubblish they get their fiver back. Those that don’t pick up don’t and the money goes towards cleaning the beach and environmental projects… Maybe, just maybe this will make people think about their actions!

#filthyukbeaches #disgustingbrits #britishrubbish

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