Only so many hours in the day

renovateHi everyone,

We have recently moved and are finding there are only so many hours in the day, with painting and decorating, plumbing and electrics all our energies are taken in getting the house as energy efficient and habitable as possible.

Consequently this blog has been crying out for an update for a long time.

So here goes!
We are now located in the beautiful village of Wickham Market, not far from the equally lovely town of Woodbridge.
Everything for basic day to day living within the village is in walking distance so our carbon miles are massively reduced.
We are using water based low VOC paints throughout of house, re-carpeting was essential so for us the use of underlay from recycled plastic seemed a logical choice.

All electric heating is expensive, ancient asbestos filled storage heaters even more so, the last of these are being removed this week, and disposed of as hazardous waste. Unfortunately there is nothing in there that can be recycled so they have to got to the hazardous waste landfill.
In their place are smart environmentally friendly low energy electric radiators with programmable settings so we can only heat when we are at home and awake.

We are working with our energy supplier and have switched to a green tariff, we will miss our solar panels dearly as they provided us with renewable cheap electricity, unfortunately our new roof does not face the right way for us to put new panels up, so we will be working to insulate, and upgrade to make our home as energy efficient as possible.


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